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Telecommunication Repair Services

We repairs of all Telecom Equipment and convert the Scrap unit into assets that the company can reuse


What We Offer

Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers, also referred to as telecom technicians either install and maintain or disconnect devices that transmit communications signals. Communication signals include Internet routers, telephone lines, and other such equipment. The installers undertake these tasks in homes, offices, and other sites that are in the construction stages. They may also install communications wiring and equipment of communication in these locations.


Repair Of BTS Cards


Repair Of Microwave Transmission Equipment


Repair Of ONT/ONU/OLT Cards


What Brands Do We Repair

We work with a broad range of brands to give your company the best service possible, no matter which business your PLC hails from. Our expert team has the training and years of experience to work efficiently with numerous electronics companies. Some of the brands we accept for PLC repair include:


Danfoss PLC Repairing Service


Omron PLC Repairing Service


Delta PLC Repairing Service


Siemens PLC repair


Mitsubishi PLC Repairing Service

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