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PCB Drive Repairing

Our service range includes a wide range of Danfoss PLC Repairing Service, Danfoss PLC Repair, Omron PLC Repairing Service, Omron PLC Repair and Delta PLC Repairing Service


What We Offer

Our service range includes a wide range of Danfoss PLC Repairing Service, Danfoss PLC Repair, Omron PLC Repairing Service, Omron PLC Repair, Delta PLC Repairing Service and Delta PLC repair.


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What Brands Do We Repair

We work with a broad range of brands to give your company the best service possible, no matter which business your PLC hails from. Our expert team has the training and years of experience to work efficiently with numerous electronics companies. Some of the brands we accept for PLC repair include:


Danfoss PLC Repairing Service


Omron PLC Repairing Service


Delta PLC Repairing Service


Siemens PLC repair


Mitsubishi PLC Repairing Service

Our Process


 We supply input power to the device to check its inputs and outputs. These physical connectors enable the PLC to receive new information and send data to other devices.


Components with commonly high failure rates — such as relays, capacitors and optoisolators — receive inspection and are replaced as necessary. Our extensive inventory of both new and obsolete parts means we can find the right fit for your PLC despite its age or model.


After we inspect and replace these elements, we install a test program onto the PLC. This step ensures the central processing unit (CPU) and logic are functioning as they should. The CPU acts as the device’s brain, telling it what to do and how to do it. This vital element consists of even smaller parts — such as a microprocessor and memory chip — which all assist in completing tasks.


 The battery, circuit and ladder logic also receive an assessment to verify their condition. A thorough inspection process is necessary for catching all issues before returning any device. Our attention to detail allows us to uphold client satisfaction and provide the highest-quality service.


 The next-to-last step consists of cleaning the entire unit and giving it one last test to check its functionality. A detailed cleaning job lets us return your PLC in a near brand-new condition, repaired and ready for any application your company has for it.


 Once the unit is ready for shipping, we prepare it for packing and calculate packaging requirements based on the PLC’s weight, size and shape. This step enables us to achieve optimal conditions for safe travel. We then invoice the repair and make it available to review in our Secure Customer Portal. Every detail is listed so you don’t miss a thing regarding your device’s repair and shipment.

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